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Spend more time filming and less time editing. Unclip™ makes it easy to find and share the best moments.→ Create video clips and movies to share.→ Store videos in the cloud to free up space.→ Supports standard and 360 video editing.
Unclip is an app to create and share highlights of your video. Browse from your phone or GoPro® camera. We help you scan your video quickly so you can identify the best moments in your footage and trim them into clips. You can then combine your clips to create movies and add titles, which you can immediately share to any of your social media channels or by text and email.
Upload and sync videos to free up space on your devices. Access and edit them anywhere – on your phone or computer.
Have a 360 camera? We've got you covered. Use Unclip to store 360 videos. Play and edit them down for quick sharing.
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*Requires Android 4.3 and higher